DER SUPERMARKT is waiting for YOU... June 26th, Cologne, Germany

people, people!

...great events are coming up at the banks of the Rhine...

The beautiful city of Cologne, capital of carneval and streetprideparades and home to the legendary Kölner Dom is going to host the c/o Pop festival. From June 23th-28th the city will be buzzing with a crowd of 30.000 music fanatics.

And since music and fashion go hand-in-hand and make up something that one might call LIFESTYLE...the fashionistas are just next door.

Der Supermarkt
will take place on June 26th and will offer a carefully selected variety of design ranging from fashion and accessories to art.

So people, it is time to get inspired, to get your lifestyle movin' and grovin' and to dance into the summernight with style!

And those who have already been inspired and have something to give, please share ... last designer-spots are up for grabs at: info@dersupermarkt.net

More info at: http://dersupermarkt.net

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