Pops up every month at inauguration day at Miguel Bombarda in Porto to bring you the REAL GOOD STUFF!


The POPUP-Store is an opportunity for young and fresh designers in the fields of fashion and fashion accessories to present and sell their creations. We are seeking to promote new ideas, enhance the public appreciation of original design and inspire people to become more daring in their style.

Our focus is on the promotion of the local design-scene, however each month we will invite a number of non-portuguese designers to complement the product variety.

Beyond inviting designers to present and sell their creations, we will provide an animated environment with DJ-Sets, Video-installations, Streetfashion-Shows and DIY-Workshops.

Furthermore is LA BOUM integrated into the events organised on this day of inaugurations in the CCB and surrounding gallery-streets, which is taking place monthly, attracts large numbers of people and is one of the major cultural events in the city of Porto.


The CCB is a commercial centre of a different kind, home to shops dedicated to design. It is located in the creative heart of Porto, right at Rua Miguel Bombarda, the major street for Art Galleries and Designshops.


A Portuguese and a German.

Maria is an event organizer and fashion/accessories designer, currently organizing an Absolut Vodka Exhibit and a Crafts Market in Porto.

Nora is a fashion/accessories designer extraordinaire.

We hope you pop by !